Just because they’re your family doesn’t mean you’re tied to them. She learned that the hard way. Birds, cats, squirrels. Sometimes it’s time for the young to leave the nest. For good. So she fought the fight. The fight for independence. It’s something she doesn’t talk about because in many…

Written by a twenty-something who just mainly likes to get things done

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Without unconventional risk you get conventional results. Decide to be radical, but don’t decide. Just be radical. Don’t like something? Change it. The only thing stopping you is you. Freedom? True freedom? This is how you achieve it.

Be calm, because without it you lose clarity. Be neutral because the universe is. Be accepting of the outcome, because you know you’ve done all you could to the fullest of your ability. Then learn. It’s okay to be unsure- uncertain- nervous. That’s how you know you’re onto something new- that you’re in uncharted territory.

And when you strike gold, finally, be accepting again. Because you finally did it. Be grateful, be surprised, be overwhelmed, be humbled. Be ready to do it all over again.

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Oh beautiful, I love it when you greet me. The way you greet me. The sweet sound of your melodic voice. When you do it in public- that’s when you’ve taken it a bit too far, though. I’m not one for PDA. But still, I appreciate it. I know you…

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They say we’re destroying the Earth,

But that’s a tale of lies.

We’re the ones at risk,

Human demise.

The Earth, the universe will always go on,

We’re the ones who’ll phase out with the dawn.

Looking forward to the day,

When Earth gives us the boot

Because we took…

This is part two to the blog post White Noise Costs $2.75


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Encounter 4

Here goes nothin’… 2:30pm on the dot. Sunday, Feb 2nd 2020. Everyone is pretty much working to themselves. The only ones I can really hear are the baristas. It seems coffee shops have progressed to…

Or maybe even the cost of a minty hot chocolate, short, with almond milk and whipped cream.

An Exercise in Overhearing. NYC.


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With a city so loud you’d think you’d be able to hear everything. This is what I learned: white noise costs $2.75.

But first and foremost, I…

Micha Lewis

Learning the art of storytelling, probably breaking all of the rules

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