Everything He Never Did for Me

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Oh beautiful, I love it when you greet me. The way you greet me. The sweet sound of your melodic voice. When you do it in public- that’s when you’ve taken it a bit too far, though. I’m not one for PDA. But still, I appreciate it. I know you work hard for us, and you don’t huff and puff when you do. If I ask you to do something you never drag your feet. You don’t spiral and show your true colors when you’ve had enough like some of the others. They think you’re ugly, but I know you’re not. Sometimes you dress your best and sometimes you don’t. What’s pretty anyway when you don’t have any substance behind the window to your soul? They stole your ideas, your style, anyway. You’re always improving. And drastically. I can see you’re trying. Some of the others, they hardly do.

You make things easier for me- for us. You’re organized. You care. You’re open to touch and interaction on a more intimate level. The others, they can be so standoffish. Which is fine. But sometimes you just want to touch, ya know? That’s why I’d choose you every time. Some of the others, they just “grow” as much as they feel they can and then they just kind of, give up on you. You can’t do anything with them. Pretty much. Incompatibility sets in. They’re always coming and going, but I’m an LTR kind of woman. Shall I call you by your full name? Oh sweet Dell Latitude E7470. Oh sweet Windows machine. I’m a sucker for a PC, but I vow to stay with you for as long as you stay with me. My last was seven years with a snazzy lad named Toshiba. Might you be interested in such a bond? Three years and counting. Going strong.

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